• Birchwoods

Workshop : Wild Gardens

Ideally this is a two day workshop.

This is a highly creative and individual workshop with varied outcomes. Kate will demonstrate techniques and guide each student in their own style of work.

The first day will start with looking at flower inspiration from photos and gardens if it is the right time of year. Freezer paper stencils will be made and leaf shapes stencilled onto prepared fabric.

Wooden Printing blocks can be used to add more texture and interest. Work is left to dry overnight.

On day two, flowers will be cut from bonded fabric and ironed down as raw edge appliqué. Other fabrics such as tulle and gauze may be incorporated too. The composition can then be finished with hand or machine sewing as preferred. We will make a design approximately 40cm – 50cm square.

If you are interested in booking this workshop, please complete the form or email Kate direct. Kate is based in Reading, Berkshire but is happy to travel anywhere!