KIT : Hunting Owl


Make it yourself! This kit makes a finished piece 35cm x 55cm

The kit contains everything you need to complete this picture. (except for threads)

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This stunning design makes a finished piece 35cm x 55cm. It would be suitable for mounting behind glass to make a really stunning framed picture.

This kit uses a technique called raw edge applique.  Bond the fabric with the fusible web  and then cut out all the shapes from templates provided. The Owl, trees, foreground weeds and moon are all to be cut and sewn on to the printed background. The clear instructions have colour photographs showing each stage of the construction to guide you through the making process.

Arrange the design creatively using the image for guidance, and then settle down to some free motion stitching using the threads of your choice to complete the piece. This kit will take approximately 3 -4 hours to complete.

Ideally you would have some experience of free motion stitching on your sewing machine to enable you to complete this project, although it would be possible to finish this kit using straight stitch on your machine. You will need an embroidery foot (often a ring or horseshoe shape) and you will need to be able to drop the feed dog on your machine. This kit is not designed for children.

Instructions are also provided on how to mount the piece onto foam board for display.

The fabric is printed in the UK and the packaging is all recyclable.

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Dimensions 22 × 25 × 2 cm


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